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always follow your inner voice,

to express yourself,

by using the "third eye" perspective.



生於香港,跨媒體藝術創作人。創作範圍包括: 舞台美學設計、影像美術指導、視覺設計、遊戲概念美術及音樂創作等。 




香港演藝學院畢業,主修舞台佈景及服裝設計,獲(一級榮譽)藝術學士學位。 在學期間曾獲尤德爵士紀念基金獎學金、The Doris Zimmer Scholarship for Artistic Achievement、李寶樁慈善信托基金獎學金、香港演藝學院友誼社獎學金等。

2011 年憑第十八屆「法國五月」藝術節節目-《無際空境》的舞台設計入選參展以當代國際劇場設計及建築為主題的「布拉格舞台設計四年展 2011」。

2012 年,舞台及服裝設計作品跟隨無語言形體喜劇-《打轉教室》代表香港在倫敦文化奧林匹亞活動之一的「愛丁堡藝穗節」演出。其後於上海、杭州、 北京、汕頭及深圳等城市巡演。

2014 年於千百億網絡科技有限公司任美術總監,統籌及創作多部線上遊戲的場景、角色、特效等概念美術及原畫製作。


2017 年憑黃子華舞台劇-《前度》及風車草劇團-《忙與盲的奮鬥時代》的舞台設計入選世界唯一以劇場設計師個人交流及競賽為主的「世界劇場設計展 2017」。


音樂作品隨黃靜婷原創舞蹈編舞作品-《人間·獨·白》I 及 II (2016- 2017) 被邀到世界各地藝術節演出,包括「德國杜塞爾多夫國際舞蹈博覽會 2016 」、「韓國釜山國際舞蹈博覽會 2018」、「香港城市當代舞蹈節 2019」及「布拉格舞台設計四年展 2019」。

2018 年於「賽馬會藝壇新勢力」流動舞蹈劇場-《遙遙之城》任創意總監及製作設計,統籌及創作融合當代舞蹈、造型意像及環境空間的演出,巡演至全港各區越三十場。其後於2020年發展成互動藝置裝置及網上演出作品-《人圖》。




《容祖兒· MY SECRET‧ LIVE》演唱會 2017 、《由靈開始 Private Music Room 》演唱會 2018、《一水南天》2020、《聖荷西謀殺案》2020、《時光》2021、《路比和嫲嫲的鐵路5號》2021 及《兩相刃交》2022 等。 

Yip Cheuk Tong, Moon


Born in Hong Kong, Yip is a Hong Kong artist who engages in various specialties simultaneously with scenography in theatre, media art direction, visual design, game concept art and music composition etc.

Moon is a founding member of the Hong Kong independent band- Tree Phoning.

Yip graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (First Class Honours), majoring in Theatre Set and Costume Design. During his studies at the HKAPA, he was the winner of various scholarships, including:

The Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarship, The Doris Zimmern Scholarship for Artistic Achievement and Li Po Chun Charitable Trust Fund Undergraduate Scholarship etc.

2011, his stage design work in “La Demande d’emploi”, an event of “Le French May Arts Festival 2010” was making him to take part in “The Prague Quadrennial International Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture" (PQ2011) as representatives of Hong Kong in The Czech Republic. 

2012, set and costume design work presented in non- verbal physical comedy production- “Detention” was invited to re-run in "Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012", as one of the events in 2012 Cultural Olympiad in England. 

2014, he was invited to join Billiongame Co. Ltd. as art director, direct the concept art work for a series of mobile games.

2017, the stage design work in “Skylight”, by Gold Blue Ltd. and “Lazy People are Always Busy”, by Windmill Grass Theatre were selected for finalist in professional section of "World Stage Design 2017" exhibition.

2018, acting as creative director and production designer in the dance theatre work - “Maybe Tomorrow”, Yip explores a cross-disciplinary mix of dance, original music, site-specific scenographic work over 30 shows in public areas and universities. And further developed into an interactive installation performance- “Our Atlas” in 2020.

His music composition collaborated in the dance work- “Heaven Behind the Door” I & II (2016- 2017), which performing in “the Internationale Tanzmesse nrw in Dusseldorf, Germany” in 2016; “the 9th Busan International Dance Market 2018” in South Korea ; “the City Contemporary Dance Festival 2019” in Hong Kong and “the 14th Prague Quadrennial – PQ Studio Festival” in 2019.

The latest scenographic work :

“JOEY.MY SECRET.LIVE” concert 2017, Elisa Chan "Private Music Room" concert 2018, “A Tale of the Southern Sky” 2020, “Murder in San José” 2020, “Old Times” 2021, "Cinematic Memories on Train No. 5” 2021 and “Confrontations” 2022 etc.

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